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Cont, A., Costumi sociali del patriziato di Verona. Una nobiltà "vivacissima" e "conversevole" (secoli XVII-XVIII), "Archivio Veneto", serie VI, 25, 2023, pp. 71-110

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    Cont, A.
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    Costumi sociali del patriziato di Verona. Una nobiltà "vivacissima" e "conversevole" (secoli XVII-XVIII)
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    "Archivio Veneto", serie VI
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    Based on numerous unpublished sources, the essay explores the ruling class of Verona between 1653 and 1737 with a prosopographic and interdisciplinary approach. The identity and self awareness of the patriciate rest primarily on the monopoly of the city offices. However, the main families also undertake military careers in the Venetian, Bavarian and Imperial service and hold positions in the Italian and German courts. Shrewd marriage strategies integrate the same leaders of the patriciate in the upper level of the nobility system of the central-northern Po Valley and of the today’s Trentino. In political-dynasty terms, the role of the Veronese ladies is relevant, especially since, with their liveliness, they actively contribute to social life and the evolution of customs in the city on the Adige river.