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Cont, A., Sotto tutela: il sovrano bambino in Italia (1659-1714), “Rivista storica italiana”, 124, 08, 2012, pp. 537-581

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    Cont, A.
  • Titolo pubblicazione
    Sotto tutela: il sovrano bambino in Italia (1659-1714)
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    “Rivista storica italiana”
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    In recent decades, research on female regencies and strategies of the institutio principis in Early Modern Italy have seen a flowering. Regarding the Baroque period, however, the Italian child prince is not yet well studied in its individuality, its emotions, its interests and its maturation and psychological development. This article aims to examine, for the first time in a comparative perspective, human and educational experiences of the four Italian sovereigns risen to the throne in minority age between the Treaty of the Pyrenees and that of Rastatt (1659-1714). The Dukes Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga- Nevers of Mantua, Francesco II d’Este of Modena, Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy and Francesco Maria Pico of Mirandola are investigated in their interaction with the guardian and regent of the State, in their attitude towards the princes of blood, in their formal and informal upbringing and in their friendships with people of the court nobility or servants. For this purpose we used several sources of unpublished letters and accounts of the rich documentary heritage preserved in the State Archives of Turin, Mantua and Modena.