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    GlobalMed. The Mediterranean as a Laboratory of Globalisation: The Franco-Ottoman Cloth Trade, 1683-c.1715
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    Progetto di ricerca europeo
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    31-08-2025 - Ore 00:00
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    The trading of cloth: understanding why it flourished

    France and the Ottoman Empire have had a long, satisfactory, diplomatic relationship. In the 1700s, France dominated western European trade with the Ottoman Empire. Some credit this to Jean-Baptiste Colbert’s influence over the Franco-Ottoman trade in woollen cloth. With a focus on the cloth trade, the EU-funded GlobalMed project seeks to shed light on why this trade bloomed. In doing so, the project will investigate the significance of trade in influencing the state’s global commercial policy and industrial development. GlobalMed’s work will provide new insights on the rise of the Atlantic World.