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Cont, A., Leopoldo Ernesto Firmian (1708-1783) e l’arcidiocesi di Salisburgo, “Annali dell’Istituto storico italo-germanico in Trento”, 32, 2006, pp. 71-126

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    Cont, A.
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    Leopoldo Ernesto Firmian (1708-1783) e l’arcidiocesi di Salisburgo
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    “Annali dell’Istituto storico italo-germanico in Trento”
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    The year 1753 brought a prolonged confl ict to the cathedral chapter of Salzburg, which was supposed to elect its new archbishop. Four canons, who already had the bishop’s dignity, tried to obtain a papal brief for eligibility, which was to facilitate their candidacy for the empty position; the confrères tried to hinder this. One of the canons was the Trentino count Leopoldo Ernesto Firmian, bishop of Seckau, who turned to Pope Benedict XIV. with a letter. In the election of one of the canon bishops, Firmian sees the only way to restore the spiritual government of the archdioceses «threatened» by the Lutherans. The intervention is typical for both his rigorist pastoral orientation, as well as certain strategies of family politics. He is backed by the Court in Vienna. Yet, for spiritual reasons and motivated by church politics the pope refuses to acquiesce, and thus once more conditions the outcome of the Salzburg elections.