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    EuWoRD. European Women and Religious Dissent: The Advent of Modernity and the Democratic Public Sphere
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    Progetto di ricerca europeo
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    30-06-2024 - Ore 00:00
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    Theory and practice together advanced the development of enlightened values

    Investigating the roots of European values such as egalitarianism and democracy can contribute to popular and scholarly debates on these topics in a constructive way and help counter threats to basic human rights. It is against this background that the EU-funded EuWoRD project considers the historical relationship between religion and ideas of modernity. Aiming to advance understanding of laypersons’ contributions to the development of the Enlightenment, it addresses in particular the history of a religious minority in 17th century Europe, the Dutch Collegiant movement. The specific goal is to reveal how the practice of enlightened concepts and the participation of women in free-discussion meetings co-created the development of enlightened values.

  • Principal Investigator:

    Francesco Quatrini