• Titolo:
    WOMENWRITERS. The Self-Fashioning of Women Writers in Early Modern Italy (1490-1610)
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    Progetto di ricerca europeo
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  • Scadenza:
    30-06-2025 - Ore 00:00
  • Descrizione:

    Early modern Italy's women writers in the spotlight

    Equity and inclusion for women are not novel concepts. Female and some male advocates began writing about these around 600 years ago, with Italy as the main hub. The EU-funded WOMENWRITERS project will fuel our current understanding of women’s roles in the early modern period. It will assemble the intellectual biographies of 18 women writers included in 17 anthologies of poetry published in Venice (1545-1590) and identify self-fashioning strategies; gather and classify female portraits; and assess the formal and visual strategies of self-fashioning adopted by these women writers and quantify and classify their portraits. The results will help challenge preconceptions on Renaissance misogyny; existing anxieties on gender-related attitudes; and lack of female’s access to education.

  • Principal Investigator:

    Sarah Ferrari