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    COnfEuro Slaves. European natural law and confessional cultures of slavery in the Caribbean region c. 1650-1780
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    Progetto di ricerca europeo
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    30-09-2023 - Ore 00:00
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    Confessional practices of slavery and European natural law

    Colonial experiences with slavery transformed European natural law as actors of the Christian confessions dealt with slaves across European colonies, and thinkers in Europe handled the unresolved moral and legal status of ‘the slave’. The research in both fields are not yet aligned. The EU-funded ConfEuroSlaves project will study the relationship between the diversity of confessional practices and the natural law theories in a context that goes beyond political borders. The project will reveal how cultural practices like confessional cultures influenced the European debate on natural law and deepen our understanding on the cultural entrenchment of societal values focusing on the Caribbean region (circa 1650-1780).