• Titolo:
    PETITIA. Political Economy of Trade, Institutions, and Transnational Interests, in the Atlantic
  • Tipologia incarico:
    Progetto di ricerca europeo
  • Paese:
    United Kingdom
  • Scadenza:
    01-07-2024 - Ore 00:00
  • Descrizione:

    Non-state actors in empire building

    In the Dutch Golden Age, Dutch merchants demanded free trade in the English empire. There were also plans for a Dutch American Company to protect trade in the English colonies. The EU-funded PETITIA project considers both initiatives the work of a transnational advocacy network (TAN) – a cooperation between Dutch merchants and English planters in the English Atlantic colonies. This Marie Skłodowska-Curie action will explore the interdependent nature of economic interests and political decision-making in international politics and diplomacy in this period. Highlighting the importance of non-state actors in international affairs and empire building, the project will study petitions and diplomatic correspondence to reconstruct the economic exposure of the petitioners and TAN’s strategy.