• Titolo:
    MADSEA. MADness, Religiosity and Environment: belief and materiality in community responses to mental difference and distress among early modern SEAfarers.
  • Tipologia incarico:
    Progetto di ricerca europeo
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  • Scadenza:
    31-01-2024 - Ore 00:00
  • Descrizione:

    Exploring the history of madness "from below"

    The current psychiatric approach towards madness and mental illness evolved from studies within national and political boundaries. However, madness may be shaped by communities, beliefs, material and non-material environment, cultural and societal contexts. The EU-funded MADSEA project will apply a microhistorical methodology to conduct a comparative archival study on madness using as a context the transnational community of early modern seafarers in the harsh environment of the ocean. It will focus on the complex interaction of religiosity and environment in the lives of sufferers during the 18th century to explore madness from within an inclusive approach, where collective experiences, environments and historical memories are shared across boundaries, while environments and beliefs are taken into account.

  • Principal Investigator:

    Catherine Beck